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Routine Home Care


The aim of our routine home care is to provide hospice care in the patient’s residence (home, nursing facility, or wherever the patient resides). A contract is required if the patient resides in a facility. The time-frame is two 90-day periods followed by an unlimited number of 60-day periods.

All medications, equipment, and supplies related to the terminal illness are provided by the hospice agency. Visits by interdisciplinary team members are individualized based on patient/family needs.

Medicare doesn’t pay Room and Board. Hospice and nursing facility can’t simultaneously bill Medicare Part A for a patient who is in a skilled bed for the same diagnosis. Hospice bills Medicaid for room and board (if applicable) and in turn pays nursing facility for Room and Board. Medicare Part A pays hospice a daily rate, and hospice must use that payment to cover all ordered treatments and care.

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